I have a much more positive attitude.

I allowed 30 minutes to get to my appointment today. Good job I did, as Google Maps took me to where it should be. The building didn’t have a number on it, and the suite sign stated urologist.

So I did a U turn, and went to the next building. Not there. Then onto the third building, now thankful that I gave myself an extra ten minutes to find it. Still no joy, so I was in the parking lot, and decided to phone them. The phone number was for Brooksville, so she had to put me through to Hudson, and I was told it was the first building. I drove there, and said that it doesn’t state orthopedic on the sign, but urologist. She told me that they share the unit between them. Boy, do they make it hard for people to find.

I then had the most paperwork I have ever seen to fill out. Luckily I took lists, so that they could either copy them, or I could transcribe them onto the forms. I had to put in my status, and for the first time, I had to check off widow twice. The tears were running down my face. The rest of the forms were a blur to me.

I had a long wait, and then went into a room. The lady asked me lots of questions, after looking at the paperwork, and I had to hold back the tears when I told her of how I was lifting my husband, and how he had reached up for me, and pulled on that arm with his full weight.

When we was leaving I asked if she would leave the door ajar for me. She didn’t say No, or ask why, which was a blessing.

I was sitting on the bed, and had pillows for my head. As it was taking so much time, I knew that I wouldn’t get to the gym today, so decided to do crunches. I lowered myself to within an inch of the pillow breathing in, and came up slowly into a forward crunch breathing out through my mouth. I must have done hundreds of them, before the specialist came in. I told him what I had been doing, as I might have looked a little flushed, or out of breath. When I am waiting for a doctor I always find some form of exercise to do, and then the minutes go by without me knowing.

He had looked at the MRI on paper, and the disc. He told me that it was the top of the shoulder, and that he could do a cortisone shot, and gradually increase stretching, and exercise, or surgery where he would put pins in my rotator cuff. I opted for non surgery at this time.

He did measurements of what I could, and couldn’t do. He lightly pressed on the top of my shoulder, and I said that is the exact spot where the pain comes from. This made me feel very confident in his ability. We did quite a bit of talking, and he said that he will see me again in 3 weeks, but would be back with exercises, and the cortisone shot.

I didn’t even feel the needle go in, and to think ten years ago I would have been on the floor. Yes, literally passing out.

I may have had problems finding the place, had way too much paperwork, a very long wait, but I feel so much better know that my shoulder is in good hands.


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