I would go back to Widow Fletcher’s.

Love the seafood in a bread bowl. Today my girlfriend and I went to Widow Fletcher’s for lunch. She had been to the upper deck before, so we decided to check out the ground floor. There were a few people at the bar, and the two of us, on a high top, looking out to the inlet.

My girlfriend had a sangria as she had it before, and said it was good. I decided on a margarita, and wish I hadn’t. It was a big glass, and I could barely taste the alcohol. That’s why it’s only 4*.

The seafood bread bowl was amazing. We asked for extra plates so we could split our meals. My girlfriend ordered the lobster roll that came with coleslaw and French fries. This was good, but we both agreed mine was the best.

The lunch menu was $11.95 per plate. The drinks were ‘specials’, and I believe were $6 or so. With a $6 tip it was just over $40.

(20+) Widow Fletcher’s | Facebook



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