I had a really nice evening at the Eagles.

It’s been the hardest thing for me to do, after losing Len. For so many years we always went together. I have been trying to go for a little longer each time, but I always end up in tears. So tonight I met a girlfriend, and we sat at a table with other people. We did a lot of dancing as the group was really good. I did go over to a couple that I haven’t seen in ages. I spoke to the wife, and she was very sympatric. Then her husband came back to their table, and we were talking, and he happened to say something like ‘Where’s the old man’. Here we go again, I had to explain about Len to him. I had the odd tear, but got through it much better.

I managed to stay for almost 2 hours. I am so pleased with myself. I left at the same time as my girlfriend, and got home just before dark.

The photo was 3 months before Len passed away.



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