The temperature could be 100 degrees, and Len would still want a hot dinner.

It was always easy cooking for Len, he loved the English roast dinner, Shepherd’s pie, spaghetti and meatballs, meatloaf and mash, to just name a few. I cooked in bulk, so often would take a portion out of the freezer for him.

I got to the point that I never knew what I fancied to eat, and then I would go back to basics. Tonight it is soft boiled eggs, with toasted soldiers. A favorite from childhood, and a perfect well balanced meal. I have some really sweet Bing cherries from the Produce store, and seedless grapes for later.

I hade oatmeal for breakfast, made with oat milk, raisins, and sliced banana. So after I finished Zumba there was a representative from Humana with nice gifts, and bananas. As I had only had half on my breakfast, and I was going to workout some more, I had one of her bananas. When I came home I was hungry, so had the half of the 6 inch lobster roll Donna, and I shared yesterday.

Yes, I so miss Len, but now I eat what I want, when I feel hungry. I do love traditional meals in the winter, but something light, and nutritious is perfect this time of the year.


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