I finally nailed my bangers.

Well one banger is the equivalent to 3 of the English size ones. I sliced an onion into rings, added butter to the pan, and browned them. I then added an 8 fluid ounce jug of OXO/ground gravy to the pan, and sautéed them. The banger I did in the convection oven, and I only had it at 400 this time, and set it for 12 minutes. I turned the banger halfway through. I heated the runner beans/French beans, and made my mash. I now have it down to perfection. It took me 3 attempts before getting the banger so that the skin wasn’t too hard, and the middle hadn’t dried out.

I took two bangers out of the freezer, so made enough of everything for tomorrow, and all I will have to do is cook the banger, and heat everything else up.


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