We have to learn to live with Covid.

I get daily details of Covid from England, and I know that my daughter is worried that there could be a fourth lockdown, even though ‘freedom’ day isn’t until Monday.

I do believe it is just as bad here in the states. We don’t get daily updates, very little from our Governor, but it’s on the Internet from extremely reliable sources.

Florida is one of the many states that is spiking again, and with more flights taking place, it will continue to be with us.

A friend of mine said that her daughter is worried for her, even though she has had her 2 jabs. I told her, do you want to stay at home for the rest of your life, or live it? We all have options, I plan on living mine, but will continue with extra hand washing, sanitizers, and keeping distance from people that I don’t know.


  1. Honestly, I don’t know who to trust anymore relative to news. Youtube recently censored the inventor of the mRna vaccine, who said that Covid’s protein spikes are ending up in peoples bone marrow and ovaries. Does that mean that there will be issues with leukemia and pregnancies in 10 years?
    So, Brett Weistein, an evolutionary biologist (PHD), and Robert Malone – the inventor of the vaccine get taken down by YouTube for misinformation?

    The original post (now deleted):

    The reposted and edited version:

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  2. If my family can’t come over, then I want to see them as it’s been 12 years, because of Len’s health. This meant having the vaccine.

    10 years time I will be 83, and probably won’t give a damn.

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  3. Nanotecnología y la robótica: ¿Vacunas con NanoRobots? ¿Robot …

    Con frecuencias 5G de 42,6 GHz , los nanotubos de 1,2 nm inyectados en las vacunas entran en resonancia y alteran gravemente el proceso cerebral

    Empezaré por aclarar que no hay ninguna referencia en Internet de un estudio parecido. Creo que se trata de algo importantísimo, que resumo así: Con frecuencias 5G de 42,6 GHz , los nanotubos de 1,2 nm inyectados en las vacunas entran en resonancia y propagan una señal de alta energía a la velocidad media del pensamiento humano(1).

    Algo me llamó la atención al ver un catálogo de venta de nanotubos de grafeno de la empresa Nanografi. Me sorprendió la precisa longitud de los nanotubos de 1,2 nanómetros, o 1,2 x 10⁻⁹ m. Como ya conocía las frecuencias de las microondas 5G, en el intervalo de 10 a 300 GHz (1 GHz = 10⁹/s), me llamó la atención la curiosa coincidencia de cómo se anulaban…

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