WordPress is my comfort zone.

Apart from the gym, a cup of coffee. going out to eat with my girlfriend once a week, and the Eagles once a week, I have been spending most of my time on WordPress. I have so many friends here, and it feels like home.

I have been told by several friends that I need to start getting out more, whether it’s going down to our pool area, joining in an activity, which are rare in the summer months, or going to more clubs.

A neighbor was driving passed my house this morning as I was leaving for the gym. He stopped, and we chatted. He has his own home, but spends most of the time here with his lady friend. I have known her for 20 or more years. He suggested playing cards this afternoon at a local club, but that isn’t me. He also said that they have music today, but wasn’t sure if it was 3 – 6, or 6 – 9. I think I might phone to see if they are there, and what time the music is. As it’s only just over a mile from my house, I could go even if it’s only for half an hour or so.

I need to start these tiny steps.

The selfie photo was taken last night by my friend Nanette.


  1. Little steps would probably be the best, Susie.
    It’s always nice, though, to be where the energy is – like live music and people enjoying themselves.
    Maybe a dance studio?

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