Everything happens in threes..

I was checking my notifications on WordPress, and there was a comment on a beautiful 3 gold tone color bracelet that I have only worn 3 or 4 times. As I haven’t been going out that much I haven’t bothered with jewelry. So I went into the bedroom, went straight to my jewelry box, and it wasn’t there. Sometimes I would leave items on top of it, but there were only a couple of pieces that were inexpensive. I then went to my bedside chest, and it wasn’t on the top. I already knew it wasn’t as I put things on that daily.

I spent last night looking for it, and it’s just not there. I even prayed asking both the Lord, and Len to help me find it. That’s how I found his wallet, and phone.

This morning I made hot cereal. I turned around to pour coffee, and it went all over, so had a messy clean up. I then sat down to have my breakfast, caught the spoon in the bowl, and hot cereal when on my robe, leg, foot, and floor.

Yes, things that we don’t want to happen always seem to come in threes.


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