You only have to use your phone number to get great deals.

I joined Panera Bread when fetch rewards gave me 2 months free unlimited coffee. With offers of $1 off a pastry, $2 off a sandwich, free pastry, I usually buy with these promotions.

So today I decided to use a “you pick two” coupon for $2 off. I tried to do it myself on the touchscreen serve yourself machines, but it didn’t give me my pastry for 99 cents. So I had to quit it, and go over to the counter.

I ate all of the broccoli cheese soup which was thick, and creamy. Actually the best I have ever had. It came with a chunk of baguette that I dipped in it. I had one decaf there, and brought another home. I also brought the half chicken and avocado melt back, as well as the blueberry scone, and butter.

Coffee free.

Soup $4.29

Sandwich $5.79

Scone 99 cents.

Discount $4.59 + $2 on the pastry = $6.59.

Total $9.03 + tax.

I have the scone for tonight’s tea, and the sandwich for tomorrows lunch. The large coffee which will do me for both tonight, and tomorrow morning as I do equal parts of coffee, and fat free milk.



  1. Phone deals make coupon deals look way dated, door dash,etc.. during this pandemic increased a thousand percent and its the smarter economical way of life,peace


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