Cod and stir fry vegetables for dinner.

I bought a frozen package of cod fillets, about a month ago. The first time I cooked one was in the convection oven, and it turned out a little on the dry side. It still tasted good. Tonight I decided to try a stir fry. It’s been years since I have made one. I had defrosted the cod, and the vegetables before cooking. I heated butter in a nonstick frying pan, put in the cod in the middle, and the vegetables around it. I watched the fish cook, and when the bottom half looked cooked I flipped it over. Again watching very carefully I took the pan off the heat, just before the color went all the way through. This is a trick we did in the restaurant, as it finishes cooking when being plated. It can never get overcooked this way.

As I had cooked everything in the same pan, the fish had the most amazing buttery, seasoned flavor from the stir fry. So simple, delicious, and cooked in minutes.


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