India is falsifying numbers of Covid cases.

I like to watch the BBC News channel, as well as Good Morning Britain every day. The main story that comes up every 15 minutes, ‘it is believed that the numbers coming out of India, are one tenth of the realistic numbers. The number that people are talking about could be 4 million’.

Here if Florida our cases are approximately 4 times higher than in June.

In England the cases were around 1,500 to 2,000 in May, and yesterdays number was over 34,000.

The new Lambda variant of Covid is in 29 countries, including England, and the U.S.

Our ‘normal’ will always include Covid, and we all have to accept it.


  1. Although the cases are higher the deaths are considerably less as the latest versions are not killing so many people. Having said that if you want to get rid of a virus you need a very virulent strain that ends in death as when the patient is dead so is the virus, that’s why Ebola stopped because everyone died and there was no-one to pass it on. Unfortunately with either outcome it’s a bit of a catch 22 situation, I think the best we can hope for is everybody to get vaccinated and the vaccine fights any new variants and it just becomes like having a flu jab every year, let’s hope so.

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