Come to me if you have health questions?

No, I am not a doctor, I haven’t had any training in this field, but knowledge of Len’s chronic illnesses the past 40+ years, my reversed osteoporosis, panic disorder, anxiety, depression, stress, broken bones, working with people with dementia, Alzheimers, suicide, and so much more in the ten years I worked in the industry, have left me with helpful information that I love passing on. Also knowledge of being on the Autism Spectrum, severe learning disabilities, and more.

Today at Zumba class the ladies asked me how my shoulder was doing, also questions about pain, osteoporosis, etc. With any illness, condition I always suggest baby steps. If you go gung ho into it, you will do more injury, or find it too hard and stop.

So here I am if anyone wants to fire questions at me. Maybe I can’t help, but if it helps one person it is so well worth it. I have the time.


  1. Sometimes because you have experienced it first hand, giving your personal opinion can be more helpful than getting it from a professional. Hopefully that made sense 😁

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  2. You’re so inspiring! I haven’t read a lot of your blogs, but the few I skimmed through has given me enough reason to smile and admire your energy. Wishing you the best and looking forward to more posts. Take care of your injury! 💜

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