Widow Fletcher’s 2 weeks running.

My friend had seen the amazing photo of my seafood bread bowl from last week. Each time we have spoken it’s been about that meal. So we both knew what we wanted.

We arrived before our other friend, that I haven’t seen in ages. We sat at the table right next to the water. I looked down at the lunch menu twice, and told her it wasn’t on the menu. She said that when she had checked online she couldn’t find it.

Our server came over when our friend arrived, and I asked her about it. She told us that it was no longer on the menu, and it had come off yesterday. I am sure my face showed my disappointment. We both said that we had been thinking of it all morning.

So it was looking at the lunch menu for $11.99, and then the regular one. We just didn’t know what to have, as when you have set your heart on something, nothing will replace it. In the end I had the salmon, yellow rice, and coleslaw. One of the girls had the fish tacos, and the other soup and salad. The food was good, not great like last week. The salmon should have been taken off the heat a couple of minutes sooner. It didn’t have that moist glisten to the fish. Both my friends enjoyed their meals.


  1. Sorry you didn’t get the meal you were wanting as it wasn’t offered any more. I’ve had that same kind of situation before. What a let down! At least you got to visit with your friends. 🙂

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