Cricketers British Pub, Dunedin.

My girlfriend has been there several times with her husband, and I hadn’t been in probably 10 – 15 years. All I remembered was the Steak and Kidney pie with the thick risen flakey pastry. Yesterday she told me that she was going to Palm Harbor today, and that we could still go out.

I suggested the Cricketers as it is only a few miles south of Palm Harbor. So this is what we did. We were surprised as to how many tables were taken. We went up a couple of stairs, and I was extremely careful going up, and coming down. We sat at a nice sized booth, and looked at the specials. They had battered bangers, and Haddock sticks on the appetizer menu, and they were half price during the afternoon. Then we looked at the main menu. Donna said that the prices had really gone up. The menus were new, which made us wonder if there were new owners.

We both ordered a Raspberry cider, which was a special at $5. Donna wanted the fish n chips but was surprised at the $17.99 price tag. She found a lunch basket fish n chips for $11.99 that is a more realistic price. I found my Steak and Kidney pie, and as this in the only restaurant I know that has them, the $15.79 was a reasonable price. We went ahead and ordered.

The drinks were refreshing, and then came our meals. The steak and kidney pie was in the same size dish that they used to serve it in. When I looked at the pastry, which is only on the top, it was white, and hadn’t risen. I tried to cut it with a knife and fork, and it wouldn’t even tear. I had a spoon so tried to pull it apart with it. I got a tiny bit. The pastry was cold, and partly raw. The photo of the pastry in the slideshow it not the top, as I flipped it over, and it was the meat, and gravy side.

I got our server’s attention, and asked her if they would put the pie under the grill/broiler until it was a dark brown. She told me to keep the plate with the mash, and gravy, and she would get me a new one. I told her I don’t want a new one, just brown the pastry, and then serve it.

When it came out it was a fresh one, and the same pale color. I said to Donna that I knew it was going to be the same. I had her try a bit of it, as well as I did, and neither of us liked it. I took the entire top off, and ate the filling that was really good. It was mainly kidney, which I love. It would have been nice to eat the mash with it, but of course I had it when it was hot.

Our server came with the bill, and asked if we wanted dessert. I asked if the Manager would comp us a bread pudding, as I couldn’t eat my favorite part of my dinner. She came back with a huge bread putting and ice cream, and our check. I only heard that the Manager had comped the dessert. Donna said, and your dinner too. When we checked the bill it was only for the fish n chips, and 2 drinks. The pudding was really good, and we ended up leaving some of it.

When the server came back for our payment, I asked if she would thank the Manager very much for taking care of us, and it was really appreciated. I also said that we will come back.

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  1. I’m no cook, I leave that to my wife who is excellent but even I am thinking your pie was bought in and not one made on the premises and just microwaved hence the second coming out just the same as the first. Shame as you can’t beat a good Kate and Sidney pie, although myself I never eat the crust so I would have been alright!

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