By midday I had to go out.

Staying in was driving me nuts. I had already iced my foot, so drove up to the local gym. I went into a small room where they have equipment for the abs. I was doing my usual crunch machine, were I hang almost upside down, and crunch upwards.

A trainer came in with a lady, and was on the mat showing her crunches, which I wouldn’t be able to do, because of my shoulder. Then he went on a machine I have never used. I should have taken a picture as it is perfect for me. You lay on the bench, squish down, and rest your feet on the rungs, making sure your head is flat on the area for it. There are arm rests, and handles to hold, to push your upper body up into a crunch. I was able to do use the arm rest for my right arm. My left one I just put my hand on the handle, and carefully moved it forward.

I was able to do 100 of these, because I felt tension in my left arm, and knew it was time to stop. I had already done 50 on the other machine. I do squats every day at home.

I then got to talk to the really nice young man on the desk, and a couple of other guys. It really is nice to be able to talk to somebody face to face.



  1. Yes, Susie, I know what you mean.
    We had brunch at one of our local cafes yesterday – one of those spontaneous ideas we carried through.
    Sydney is in lockdown at the moment, as are a number of our Aussie regions. Luckily for us our region is still free, to a degree. We are able to get up to our local mall – and travel within our own area- with face masks and social distancing. I sure do miss that face to face with my dancing friends.

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