Eaten out 3 days in a row.

The only time this happens is when I am on vacation. Len and I would go out every lunchtime, otherwise he would be in the timeshare 24/7. I usually only eat out once a week, but Thursday was with my 2 girlfriends, yesterday with Donna, our usual weekly treat, and today because I haven’t been able to do much else.

I think too much when I am home alone, so it was nice to spend an hour at Panera Bread. I had the cup of soup, and half a sandwich last time. I preferred the cheese broccoli soup to the sandwich, so I went for the big bowl of soup. It came with a piece of baguette. So I ordered my free coffee, the large soup, and got offered a 99 cent pastry. As always I had a blueberry scone. While the lady was getting my scone, the buzzer went off for the soup. It was lunchtime, and I couldn’t believe it was ready so quickly,



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