I hate that I have no incentive to do anything.

My foot is certainly getting better, which I am really thankful for, but I have no reason to even be up, or do anything. This is the first time in my life when I don’t have anything planned.

I didn’t do yesterdays Zumba, and not doing today’s class either. I will ice my foot 3 times again today, and am thinking that by tomorrow I should be able to walk on it pain free.

I still have loads to sort out, but have to be careful of lifting, so may look for smaller boxes that have DVD’s, CD’s, cassettes etc., in them. The CD’s I can check on the older laptop that Len used, as mine doesn’t have that option. The DVD’s unless they are the odd ones Len bought, I can’t check, as I haven’t found the DVD player, and don’t even know if it will work.

I am not really interested in the Olympics, and am missing my football matches. I can’t wait until the Premier League starts up again. Football has left a big hole in my life.



  1. Wow!! You are such the inspiration. You talk like you have plans to still conquer the world. I’m not even sure I have half your gumption now….. Stay your beautiful self please!

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  2. I have too. Len would have wanted me to continue without him, although after 40+ years of marriage it’s the hardest thing I have had to do. I just have to get my shoulder to heal, and my foot 100%, and life has to begin again for me.

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  3. And it absolutely will Susie. I have zero doubt of that. Your soul still needs to shine in this bright world. You still have many great days ahead of you. You are needed, wanted and loved. And I’m so glad to know you.

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