Lunch or teatime.

Are you stuck for something quick and easy for either lunch if you eat dinner, or teatime if you have your main meal in the middle of the day?

I buy the really large croissants in Winn Dixie, and cut them in half, however a whole one would work too. I slice it across the middle when lying flat. I then do thick slices of extra sharp Cheddar cheese that go on the open croissant. Finally slices of vine ripe tomatoes. I use a little seasalt, and black pepper on mine.

Then I put it in the convection toaster oven, that has a middle shelf. I then use the toast setting. If it were too near the top the bottom wouldn’t crisp up enough, and if it were near the bottom the top wouldn’t cook, and the bottom would burn.

I find this hearty enough for the smaller meal of the day. However, if it was the whole one, then I would have it as my main meal.


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