What do you do with leftover pancakes?

When I was close to home yesterday, I stopped off at IHOP for their $5 ham and cheese omelet that comes with 3 pancakes. I ate the omelet, and brought the pancakes home. Len would always eat them for breakfast the next day with sugar free syrup.

I really am not into all those calories, so I had some protein first, and then took one of the pancakes, warmed it in the microwave, and then opened an Activia yogurt. This one happened to be strawberry. I opened the tiny container, and scooped the yogurt over the pancake. It tasted really delicious, but wasn’t sweet, like pancakes with syrup.

I started buying the 12 pack of these yogurts, when I was taking care of my friend. Her daughter said that she had a mini muffin, and a small yogurt. I have one a day, and sometimes a second one later in the day. I like them just as much as a pastry, chocolate, and the high calorie Greek yogurt. Since Len’s passing I have gone up to 3 days without have a poop. This would make my stomach uncomfortable, and I would have gas. This is the 3rd week of me eating them regularly, and I have to say that I go to the toilet most days, and boy do I feel better. It’s weird as I have always eaten lots of fruit, and plenty of fiber in my breakfast cereal.



  1. Activia is a yogurt with probiotics meant to help regulate your body. I use Kefir instead, which is a yogurt beverage. Just an ounce or two a day helps me to stay regular.

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