Plans can change in a few minutes.

I have really been trying to do more, and get out more. I always meet my girlfriend for a late lunch once a week, and I leave it up to her what day is best. So Tuesday she told me Thursday afternoon. I was also planning to meet up with my other girlfriend at the Eagles tonight. This is so hard for me to do, probably the hardest place to go without Len. So I decided to stay in this morning, and do all the things that needed to be done, as the rest of the day I would be out. I got a text to say that my dancing friend will be going into hospital tomorrow for a 4th time, with her foot, so of course tonight is off. Then my girlfriend phoned and told me the guys that were coming to do the blinds, are now coming this afternoon, and can we change it to tomorrow.

So I could have gone out this morning. We have had a storm with heavy rain, so will probably pop out for a coffee when it stops. I do have another friend that may be going tonight. If so, then I will go for an hour.

All the best plans…..


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