Had my eye exam….

and had someone in his 80’s do the eye exam. He was very brisk, although when I told my friend, she had another name for him. He wouldn’t let my answer the questions, and cut he off in the middle of an answer.

When he went to put the drops in my eyes his hands were shaking, and he commented twice ‘have you put grease on your face’ I had a moisturizer.

So I went to the desk with tears on my eyes, and blowing my nose. I told her that a gentleman of his age should not be working. I told her of our conversation, and that he wasn’t caring. She went off, and came back to tell me that she had talked to her superior, and I could come back again and see a different doctor.

As my eyes were dilated I said I would go back in . She gave me a hug. She took my paperwork back to him, and he sat down to have a talk. He was nicer, and after the lights in my eyes told me I had cataracts in both eyes, the right worse than the left. He was referring me back to the specialist.

So I could possibly be in for shoulder surgery if the PY doesn’t work, and 1 or 2 cataracts. I think I drove home at 10 miles an hour as everything was a blur.

If there are spelling mistakes it’s because I can’t see a damn thing.


  1. I am glad they put you with a better optometrist! When it comes to medical professionals, I always have to give the same incompetent ones a dozen times before I move on – but when I do finally move on and get a really good one, it is such a delight! Sorry you are having yet more issues. I hope you are able to get all resolved soon. 💞

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  2. I know of what you speak. I had cataracts in both eyes (right one worse than left one). Had right one removed on July 12 and corrective glasses made to correct my vision. Still waiting for glasses.

    We are going to wait a few months on a wait and see approach cause the vision in my left eye is still very good.

    Now if only they would call me about my glasses!

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  3. Oh, it doesn’t rain but it pours, Susie!!!
    I’ve been told, though, that sight is so much better once the cataracts are removed – better than ever. So, I guess that’s some consolation, at least.

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  4. It takes more than a while to get things done here. I was referred to a heart specialist and an ENT last fall and haven’t heard from either. In May, my hernia surgeon requested a CT scan and I haven’t heard from the clinic yet.

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  5. That just gets you it further down the list. Sadly there are people who need the services way more than me. Our health services were basically shut down for a year and a half so there is a major backlog.

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