Twins today at Zumba.

It’s amazing how many times ladies show up for Zumba, and have the same colored tops, and leggings. Well today, standing behind me, I had a lady that had a silver colored top, and we both had black shorts. I think everyone else was in leggings, or capris.

I did my 45 minutes of Zumba, actually longer than that as Colleen always puts music on when she arrives, so more like 50-55 minutes.

Everyone else was saying ‘Goodbye’, but I went into the abs/crunches room. A guy was on the machine I wanted to use, and by the time I had got sanitizer to wipe down the machine next to him, he had finished.

The trainer that always asks me what I have done, or am doing, as he sees me work so hard, jokingly had asked how many crunches I had done on the machine. I told him 500 in one session. So today I did 600. I did 50, sat up had a drink of water, and waited until 1 minute was up, then did the next 50.

When I was leaving he was with a client so I put 6 fingers up in the air. He told me that he had struggled to do 350. He asked me to break it down, and I told him the above. He nodded in approval. I told him that someone was waiting for the machine, otherwise I might have done more.

To be honest I will get to 1,000 on a day when that is all I do, No class before it.


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