My mind is playing tricks with me.

I got up thinking today was Monday. I was planning my morning, and watching the clock, because of 10.30 Zumba. I was surprised when I booked my place for the class, as Monday is usually full, and there were still 28 spots available.

Then in my mind I was thinking that I had lunch with Donna on Friday. I had curry for her, as I had made lots, and forget to give it to her when she dropped me home. So I had gone to her house, and taken her some more yesterday. So if today is Monday, why would I wait until Sunday to go down there.

I checked the date on my laptop, and it is the 1st of August, so Sunday. I know I want to cut down on some of the medications the doctor put me on, but she wouldn’t hear of it until my next visit. I know I need them because of all I am going through, but that’s the first time I have honestly believed it is the wrong day.

My neighbors must think I am losing it as I put my garbage can out last night. and of course it’s still there. Boy, what is going on with me.

Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay



  1. you are reading into this too much BUT, if you feel this is because of your meds call the MD and share your concerns and I’m sure there will be an adjustment

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