English newspapers top headlines.

I have been texting my daughter how bad the Covid numbers are in Florida, and that our Governor is not going to do anything about it, apart from more vaccinations.

The newspaper heading this post, is one of three, that she sent me. If only he realized the negative publicity Florida is getting around the world, that the tourists he is trying to attract will shy away from coming.


  1. It’s nuts, isn’t it?! I don’t think he even cares, Susie. He cannot even manage our state and he is looking to be the next president?! Heaven help us all!

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  2. 99% of the hospitalizations are people who were not vaccinated. And there have been 0 new cases in the 7 day average. Death rate is way down. Stay safe but don’t fret too much over the news. They don’t make money from good news.

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  3. I agree Sue. How many people must die, how full must our hospitals become, how overworked must our healthcare workers be before he wakes up and realizes the pandemic is worse now than what it was when it started in March of 2020. Don’t get me started on this subject as it is a very sore subject when it comes to the debate as to who knows more of how to handle this pandemic – People trained in health care and infectious diseases or politicians worried about themselves versus the people that voted them into office. Enough said!

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  4. It seems relatively recently we have started to relax the rules but people are still tending to wear masks when in the shops. Young people are less careful and I believe most of the people in hospital with Covid now are younger but we have a fairly good percentage of the older people who have had two jabs which I’m sure is making a difference in the UK.


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