Tonight’s dinner. Beer battered cod.

Beer battered fish is fairly expensive in restaurants, and the portions are huge. It’s great freshly cooked, but the batter isn’t good the following day.

As I don’t eat large meals I bought a packet of Budweiser Beer Battered Cod. When I looked at the box I presumed it was 3 nice size portions. When I opened it there were 5 small pieces. The portions were for 2 pieces per person, so that would be two and a half people.

This is a side plate, not a dinner plate.

After getting over the fact that they were small, I figured I could eat 3 as I wasn’t having chips/fries with them. I heated the oven, greased the pan, and put them in to cook. I did 3 minutes each side, as I had it on convection, and it cooks so much quicker. The biggest of the 3 pieces the batter was crisp, but the fish was overcooked. The other 2 pieces the cod was cooked perfectly, but the batter wasn’t crisp at all.

So a little disappointing. I will eat the other 2 pieces at some point, but I won’t be buying it again.


  1. We have been having a difficult time finding good battered fish lately. We have always bought High Liner and had good luck with it, but they switched all of their line and packaging lately and we are having trouble finding our favourites.

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  2. It’s so hard to cook fish at times. I wish I still liked fish though. It’s a nice break from typical dinners. I just lost my taste for it. I think my taste buds are changing again. I hope you find better fish.

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