I feel as if I earned a Gold Medal today!

Sunday it was 800 crunches on the machine, and today’s goal was 1,000. I can’t say whether I did 1,000 or 1,050 because once I got to 700 or 750 I wasn’t sure what the number was. Therefore I continued to do sets of 50 until my total was 1,050.

This way I am totally confident that I reached my goal, and no I didn’t celebrate with champange, because I want to get my 4 pack back. I lost it in the 4 months leading up to Len’s passing, and the passed 4 months, where I am so restricted with the tears in my rotator cuff.

I had a stomach for the first time in over 7 years, so on the 24th July I started to use a couple of the machines for my abs. The first photo is 10 days ago, and the other ones I took tonight. I will post photos every so often, and hopefully I will get into shape again.


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