Covid is all around us.

My girlfriend, and her husband are fine, her sons have Covid, and didn’t have the vaccines.

An office where I sometimes go are shut right now. The employees that had the Covid vaccine are fine, but the rest of the staff that didn’t have them have Covid. This was from the owner of the business that gave me this information.

Masks aren’t mandatory, but I will be wearing mine in crowded situations. These are the stats for the local county, where we don’t have tourism to spread the virus.


  1. Keep wearing the mask in crowds.Yesterday a friend posted a photo on Facebook of a hospital ward with about 40 people in iron lungs! POLIO! In those days no one protested about their right to refuse a vaccine!

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  2. That seems to be the case most places. No vaccine – susceptible to Covid. Same holds true for those not wanting to wear masks.

    But what do we expect when our own Governor takes the actions he is taking.

    Just my take on this crisis we are and have been experiencing.

    Don’t get me started on this whole situation as it will raise my blood pressure.

    Take care of yourself.

    Best regards

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  3. Our state is worse than yours IMHO because masks were rare to find on anyone even before the vaccines were available and now we still mask in crowded and indoor areas…lucky if there are a handful of others who do, too. Vaxxed rate is hovering around 35% in our state so it’s very ‘germy’ out there!
    My motto: fully vaxxed and fully masked.
    Don’t judge me, fellow South Carolinians.
    Stay safe, Susie!

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  4. My man and I just had our second jab. Now two days later our region has gone into lockdown. They say it is only for one week. However, I believe that will be just the start of a longer lockdown.
    Here everyone wears a mask, and most are respectful of the health advice/orders. Hope it doesn’t last too long!
    And here’s hoping that you continue to be well.

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