Great news from the orthopedic specialist!

First off I was able to drive to his office, and back before the heavy rains came in. That was an added bonus.

I had just paid my co-pay that they always take upfront, and I was called into a room. I said to the lady that rarely happens at any doctor’s office. She told me he was keeping to the schedule today. She asked me a few questions, and said that I was the next patient to be seen.

resistance band.

So he knocked on the door exactly at 10.30. Wow. I was actually doing the stretches as he walked in. He smiled, and asked how it was going. I informed him that I had done them every single day, as well as Zumba, squats, crunches, and the treadmill.

He asked me to copy the moves he was going to make. The only one I had difficulty in was the one where I put my hands on the back of my neck. My left one just stopped at a certain position. He then took hold of my hand, lower arm, and started to rotate it. He could hear the ‘click’ each time it got to the problem area.

He told me that I had more motion in it, which I knew, and to continue with the stretching, and to do the exercising in the booklet. He said that they would give me a yellow resistance band as it is the lightest. I told him I have several sets at home. I said, so you want me to just go as far as the bands, and he said, No, you can do all of the exercises, but only if there is no pain. He suggested 1 or 2 lb. weights to start with, and start out with 1 rep of each, then go on to 2, etc. When I am up to the maximum reps, I can increase the weight. The same with the yellow band, I will go to the green.

He told me that as I do everything he asks of me, he has no problem with me continuing with my trainer/on my own. If for any reason I have pain, to phone and make an appointment. He even said that in about 6 weeks I should be able to shadow box, as I can do light jabs in the air.

I came out beaming all of my face, with joy. Of course I went to the gym, and used 2 lb. weights, and the yellow band. I only did one rep of each exercise that I could there. I will do the others at home tomorrow as I didn’t want to lay on the floor.


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