I only put the news on for half an hour a day.

Especially as a young person I know, but haven’t seen recently, has Covid. The number are hitting all time highs, and now they are reporting the possibility of deaths increasing in the foreseeable future.

I had a mid afternoon meal with my girlfriend, and we both had our masks with us in case anyone got close to us. IHOP was empty, but we had to have a women with 2 children sit is the booth behind me. The entire time we was Facetiming a man in Spanish. It got so loud at one point that I turned my head, and her phone was propped up facing her, and the back of me. This continued throughout our meal, and I happened to say how rude it was to my friend, who told me not to speak about it, as you never know what people will do.

Being with my friend is always a pleasure, the omelet was excellent, but we both had banging headaches when we left.

I went up to the cashier to pay, and I mentioned it, as they left minutes before us, and she said that she could hear every word from where she was.

I hate it when people are so inconsiderate.


  1. So true, especially the comment about not knowing what others may do even if merely asking someone to tone down their conversation. Your friend is very wise. Stay safe. Oh, quick questions – No pancakes? 🌞

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  2. Sadly the telephone has become far too intrusive nowadays, I dislike when in a shop and you are enquiring at the counter about a product and the assistant stops to answer the phone, I have never understood why when they are actually dealing with you would they stop to answer the phone and make you wait, the person on the phone will ring back and the assistant can then deal with them having finished with you. It’s not rocket science, it’s just good manners.

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