August 7th is Purple Heart Day.

It is an observance of the creation of the medal in 1782.

I have been going through Len possessions, and our very dear friend that passed away around 10 years ago, left Len his Purple Heart Medal, as well as Mason regalia. Somehow the purple material that would be on the top of it is no longer there, but I have the Purple Heart.

He was such a nice man, and Len would drive him to the Masons Hall for meetings. We would pick him up on a Saturday morning when they had breakfast, that was really nice.

When I used to be walking in the evening he would be watching for me, and have his front door open. He would call out to me, and I would stop, and chat. He would ask me if I wanted to have a drink with him, but I would always say Len will be with me, and I would tell him the day, and we both would go in his house for an hour. Len didn’t drink, but I would have like a thimble size glass of something exotic, that he had got when cruising with his late wife.

He was lonely and we filled the gap in this life, right up until the day he died. He had no family, and hadn’t changed his will, so a neighbor that was in a nursing home over on the east coast of Florida inherited everything, even though he hadn’t seen her in forever.

I wrote the above paragraph to remind anyone that wills, trusts need to be updated when circumstances arise. He hadn’t changed his since before his wife had died. This lady was a friend of hers.


  1. Len sounds like a genuine person who wanted and shared love and affection. And like you said, will should be updated as certain circumstances arise or even if it doesn’t. Because we don’t know when everything comes to an end and we will be inheriting all our property to someone not worthy. I have seen so many cases of property inheritance mishaps around me that I totally agree to the point you made here.

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