So disappointed.

Since the beginning of the Olympics I have been waiting for the final of the men’s football. From day 1 the final was to be on NBCsn this morning. I got up early so I could watch the whole match. This is what I got

I know I am going to upset a lot of Americans, but why do we have to have a sport that they are in the final, and not what has been posted online, and on the television channel. It just seems unfair, because if America had been in the final they would have showed it. I have gone on the guide, and I can’t find the final on any of them. I have to check the score online. Right now Brazil and Spain are drawing 1 – 1.

I even set my alarm so that I could watch it, as I checked the guide yesterday to ensure it was on.


  1. Simple answer? Advertising dollars. More people will tune into a USA gold medal match then one of the sports in which they are not even a participant. Advertisers know this, and so does NBC.

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  2. awww so sorry, especially when you were counting on seeing the match. I get frustrated with TV programming all the time. Not necessarily for sports, but just regular shows we watch getting changed around. But what can we do. We’re not in charge, though I wish we were sometimes. 🙂


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