Nice time at the Marine Corp last night.

A neighbor who lives in my community that I have known for 21 years invited me to the Marine Corp Club last night. She told me that she, and her boyfriend would be going at 5 p.m. to ensure getting a seat. As I have been to Memorials there in the past, and it is close to home. I arrived at 5 p.m.

I walked through, and they hadn’t arrived, so I sat at the bar for the first time, away from the people already there. I ordered a drink while the guy was setting up for the music.

30 minutes later, and I am thinking about leaving, a gentleman came, and sat at the next stool to me. I still had two barstools on the other side of me.

He asked me if I minded him sitting there, and I said that’s fine, I was waiting for my friends. He knew them well, and we started talking. He has the same shoulder injury that I have, and told me that he had started going to the gym with his pal, and it is the same one as I go to. I told him about my orthopedic guy, and if he wanted to get improvement in the shoulder I could help him with it.

Because of commitments, the earliest time we can meet at the gym is 17th, and then I will do all the stretches, and exercises with him.

Kathy and George showed up at 6 p.m., and I got to dance with both of them, which was nice.


  1. We always have (or had, before the pandemic) a lot of Marines at the dance studio we go to, because Camp Pendleton is just up the road and dancing at the Marine Corps Ball is sort of in their job description. 🙂

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