My appointment just got canceled.

I washed my hair, put on business clothes, and was ready to be professional with the new attorney. I was thinking about what time I should leave, when I got a call from her office to say that she was sick, and would I like to do a telephone visit.

I said that as I had all the items with me, I really wanted her to go through everything, and copies to be taken. She did say that I could drop items off at the office, but that would be after I had the telephone appointment. I have now scheduled it for Thursday of next week, ensuring that if it is Covid, which I am hoping it’s not, the time frame should work out. I pray it is something simple.

So here I am not achieving anything, and feel like day one again, of getting everything done after Len’s passing.



  1. If I may make a suggestion? Instead of waiting for your appointment with the Lawyer to happen to feel productive, you have tech at your house. You can scan all the documents and send them to the lawyer. Then, if she is unavailable for an in person you can do phone/zoom and KNOW she has the paperwork she needs, and you won’t have to worry about losing any of the documents, and making sure you are able to keep the originals unless it is required for the lawyer to have them. In the world of COVID, that has become increasingly unlikely (I work for two law firms). But that way, you’re not just basicall sitting around for a day that you had plans to do something. You are able to be proactive.

    I also saw your other post about the bank. Maybe you can accomplish something similar with them…. documents that are scanned and sent and if they need originals they will have to contact you to tell you that, so you can find out where you need to go to REALLY talk to someone rather than drive from branch to branch hoping to see a light on inside.

    I wish you the best of luck!!

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  2. Thank you. I plan on going to the office prior to the visit, but being sick but still doing phone appointments, made me immediately think about Covid. I had problems downloading stuff for England and ended up sending it. I am 73 and NOT tech savvy at all. Thank you so much for your help


  3. Tell me what you need to send, what tech you have, and I can (and will gladly) try to help you get it to them. If you’re afraid of covid (even with the shot – same here) you should listen to your gut. If you want to stay away from that office, I do not blame you at all. I can help you figure out how to use what you have to get it to do what you need, and I gladly will help you with it.

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  4. You are amazing. I have had both my vaccinations, and wear a mask. I really don’t know what she will need, and it already has 3 updates when my husband’s 2 daughters died, and a granddaughter. I only have to wait just over a week to see her. I just got overwhelmed with 3 things happened within hours of one another. I went on overload. Calmer today thank you 😊


  5. That’s the beauty of it. You don’t know what she needs. All you need to do is get it ALL to her and she can sort it and you stay away. Honestly, once I know what you have it’s not hard. Or… there used to be something called Kinkos. They’re gone now but you can go to Staples or something like it. They can scan everything to a little drive and you can send that to her. Or a disk. Or just email.


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