Success at last.

I managed to get a 3.30 appointment at a bank that was open. I had a longer drive, but that was fine. There was 1 person close to the entry, who was trying to deal with customers that weren’t drawing money out. He asked me what I had come in for, while dealing with a person, and I informed him of my appointment.

He had me sit in one of the chairs that were a good 10 – 12 feet apart. There was only one teller, and the line went up, and down, with arrows directing the customers. Then there was the lady that saw me in her office.

There were only a couple of vehicles in the parking lot, which surprised me considering many people had to use this office that was open.

I would never have been able to do this wire transaction on my own. I was in the office for an hour or more. I sent the money in sterling pounds to ensure it was correct, and the exchange rate I was given meant that I had to have an extra $85 to send the correct amount. I am sure that the rate coming over is less than the one that I see every day on CNN, and then much higher when I was sending it to England. Yes todays rate is 1.38, and I paid 1.42. Also back in May it probably was at a different rate.

$85 lighter, but happy to pay it just to know it done, and dusted was worth every cent.



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