Stopped off at Wendy’s

This morning my phone kept coming on, and then a black screen. So I drove to the Spectrum store at Trinity. This is a fairly new shopping development.

I have been to Spectrum in the past and always parked close to the store. This time it took forever to find a parking spot.

There were so many people waiting. I checked myself in, and walked around the store all the time to get some exercise in.

I kept trying my phone all the time. After almost an hours wait my phone stayed on. I stayed another 15 minutes and it was working. There was an employee with no one at his station. I told him I am not jumping the line, but could overheating cause it, and the answer was yes.

So here I am Wendy’s as it’s still close by, and my phone is working great.



  1. This happened to me one time. I had my phone in the screen porch but the sun had shifted and was shining on it. My phone alarmed me, though. Glad you figured it out.

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