Wow, today was a good day.

This morning I met my friend Nannette, and got to spend time at their beautiful private beach. I came home, and just had enough time for a small protein bar, before doing FaceTime with the Hospice counselor.

I apologized for being a babbling, crying women that didn’t make any sense on the visit to my home. She told me that I wasn’t, and that is normal when you haven’t had anyone to let it all out. Once I had done that, I can now start the grieving process. We talked for around 30 minutes, and yes I had tears rolling down my face, but she talked more this time, and it finally made sense to me.

She has told me to contract her if I need another session. I told her that I was hoping for a group session, but with Hospice not having office visits, I can’t see that happening for a very long time. Hearing other people talk about their situation helps to put it all in prospective. I am sure I will be phoning her again. at some point, when I need to let it all out.

Next I left the house, and met Donna for lunch, at Thai Samural. We have been there once before, and the lunches at $8.99 are as big as dinners, in other restaurants.

I picked up a coffee, and headed home. I had time to shower etc., and get ready to go to the Eagles. I could hear the thunder, and the sky was black so left before the heavy rain came.

I sat on a table of 8, and everyone was a lot of fun. 5 ladies, and 3 guys. We chatted until the music started, and I haven’t danced as much probably in 20 years, as Len wasn’t up to too much dancing. I also sat out a lot to be with him.

There was a gentleman that was brought as a guest, and he lost his wife in March, the same month as Len passed. We got up and danced as a group, and I also danced with 2 of the men on our table. The new gentleman joined today, and came up and said Goodbye to me, while I was dancing with the girls. He was a good dancer, so I ended up staying at extra 30 minutes, and was smiling when I got home. Can you believe the others left just before me, and this guy that I couldn’t understand came over to ask me to dance. I had already changed from my heels, to flats for driving, had my purse, and keys in my hand. I had a very hard time trying to understand him, he was a short guy, which made it even harder. I believe it was that he was new to the area, and had been wanting to dance with me. I was very polite, and he just wouldn’t stop talking. In the end he asked if I was a regular there, and I said Yes, and I really have to leave. I just hope my friends protect me from him next week.

So I get to write my 2nd post of the day at 10.30 at night. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t write at least 3 or 4 posts in a day.



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