Excellent food at the American Legion tonight.

I was invited to a dinner dance at the American Legion post 79 tonight. We got there early as there is limited parking.

Our salad were served at 4.30, and it was a hearty one. It was Italian night so I had lasagna with 2 breadsticks. The portion was huge as you can see in the photo. I brought a full large box home. This was followed by a slice of angel cake with sliced strawberries in sauce with whipped cream. What a great meal. Everyone on our table took a large box home, and we were saying 2 to 3 nights that we won’t have to cook.

Then it was All Shook Up, a band that played at the Eagles many years ago. They play a lot of rock’n’roll, and upbeat music. I had a blast on the floor.

I saw many friends, and acquaintances from the Eagles. Many knew of Len’s passing. I went to the ladies room just before leaving, and I got stopped twice by friends that wanted to talk about Len. By the time I got back to the table I was balling my eyes out.

Everyone was up and ready to leave on our table, and they were concerned about me driving home. It is only a mile and a half on 2 roads, and it was still light. I told them that I would be fine.

So a great night ended happy, but sad. I know this will happen often, and I just have to accept it.



  1. It’s good that you’re getting out and about and having a good time. There will probably always be times when you feel sad from memories of Len, but that’s normal.


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