Just done an hour of stretches, and exercises for my shoulder.

I actually didn’t watch the second half of the Manchester United – Leeds match as it was a walkover for United, but did have breakfast, and was in the bathroom while listening to it.

The Everton – Southampton one is in the final minute, so have been doing my shoulder exercises, and stretches that the sports orthopedic specialist has me doing. I was able to see Southampton score, and I was screaming out loud, then of course Everton equalized, and are now leading 3 – 1 as the match comes to an end.

I am pleased that Brighton & Hove Albion beat Burnley, and Watford won against Aston Villa. I knew Chelsea would win against Crystal Palace, but both being London teams I didn’t care who won. Also I didn’t mind who won in the Leicester City over Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The exercise look, and sound easy, but I can certainly feel that I have done them. I now want to go to the gym to do my 1,200 crunches, as I haven’t done them in a few days.



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