A full schedule this week.

Yesterday I had a late lunch with my BFF and had a great time. Today I did stop at Panera after the gym for a snack, and my unlimited coffee.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with my neighbor that moved in May, and we both miss seeing each other. That will be another meal out. Maybe I will go to the Marine Corp for an hour tomorrow night. I haven’t decided yet.

Thursday it will be my BFF again, twice in one week has never happened before. Then in the evening it will be dancing at the Eagles.

Friday my friend Brenda, and I may be going to the Eagles, depending on her work schedule.

This is why I am on WordPress a lot less now. I used to be in with Len at least 22 hours a day, and now I am finding it difficult to fit in the gym every day, and all the other things that need to be done.

Life is certainly changing, but my heart is broken, and the tears fall most days, which didn’t happen too much earlier. I think I am starting to grieve now.



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