A full day ahead.

Yesterday totally disappeared for me. That’s why I was only online for a few minutes in the morning, and then the evening.

Today is the same. From pretty much being in for the first 3 – 4 months, it’s the beach with my friend Nanette, meeting up with Donna this afternoon, and dancing at the Eagles tonight. Ann, who I was with yesterday showed interest in dancing, so I drove her over to the Eagles yesterday, then she would know where it was, and she met the bartender, also the trustee that is often on the door. All my friends are a lot of fun, and we all dance together, she is so excited about meeting up there.

Got to get my bikini on, and out the door before it hits 95 degrees.



  1. I must admit I am slightly envious of your lifestyle. The beach, dancing, getting out and enjoying time with wonderful friends. All things I never do. But I’m working on it 😁


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