Yes, it was a lovely day.

We had perfect weather for the beach. I just loved walking in the water’s edge. I had around 40 minutes at home, and then stopped off at Panera Bread for coffee, as it is in front of the mall.

Then it was a second girlfriend, well my BFF, and we walked the mall several times. She couldn’t do milkshakes afterwards, so I came home.

Good job too, as by the time I had eaten, showered, washed my hair, makeup etc., it was time to go to the Eagles. I met up with my friends, and then my third girlfriend came in. I didn’t recognize her, and she me.

It was so funny, because she had her hair in a ponytail yesterday, and I had been working out for 2 hours in the gym. When she was my neighbor I would see her working in her garden, and in gym clothes, and I would be in mine every day.

She had her hair down, with beautiful highlights in it, curly, and beautiful makeup. A great outfit, and velvet shoes. She also said the same, as I had straightened my hair, had more makeup on, a sexy black lace top, red leggings, and strappy black dance shoes, with heels. Boy, do we clean up well.

We danced everyone else off our table. It was the latest I had ever stayed, and we had a ball.



  1. WOW! What a wonderful day and to have such great friends to spend the evening with and doing what you love! It’s so great to hear such positivity heading your way as you sooooo deserve some good old fashion FUN!! ❤️🤩


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