So I didn’t get to the gym until this afternoon.

This is what happens for 38 matches during August through May. I can never get enough of it. Then there is the F.A. Cup, Community Shield, League Cup, and the UEFA European ones.

I had to use my chip to get into the gym as there is no one on the front desk after 2 p.m., and it was just after. I spent an hour and a quarter doing all my shoulder exercises, and the stretches.

I figured as it was coming up to 4 p.m., by the time I had driven up to Panera Bread, that I would order a meal, with my unlimited coffee, and a 99 cent bakery item. I chose my favorite broccoli cheese soup, and a half salad, as it works out cheaper by doing their “You pick 2”.

I had been given the scone at the cashier’s desk, and my pager went off, so I picked up my meal. I brought it back to the table, and took a look at the piece of baguette, and it was hard, and flatten to be around an inch thick. I am used to ordering at lunchtime, and I get round beautifully hot baguette. I took the bread back, and was told that’s how it is served. Even a guy waiting said it’s French and is hard. I told him that I had bought baguettes in France, and would eat this crusty bread with the soft middle after buying it. It’s amazing. The guy found a piece that was still flat, but about 1 and a half inches in depth. The man waiting on his food asked if it was ready. Then the member of staff asked what he had given me, and if it was this guy’s food. I told him, and the soup was different from mine. He took my ticket, and looked at it, as I wasn’t given a receipt, and said did you get his brownie. I said possibly all I noticed was the bread. He then gave the guy a plate with his food on it, and told me to keep the brownie. Even before Covid there was no way returned food to be sent back out. Even with free coffee, and 99 cent bakery item it still came to around $13 – $14.

So I broke up all the bread, and mixed it into the soup to make it edible. No complaining, but I will only have soup at lunchtime in the future. While I was eating, another couple only got one of their orders, and the lady had to wait for hers. I have no idea what the kitchen staff were doing.



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