Another good day.

I have passed the time that I burst into tears when I think, or talk about Len. Everyone told me there is no timeframe, and everyone is different.

It took me 4 months, to put my burden onto the Hospice counselor, and another 2 weeks for her to tell me that I can now grieve, and I have accepted that. Yes, the tears will run down my face, but I can deal with it, because at last I have realized that he wanted me to be happy, and have a life without him.

Writing this the tears are coming down my face, but they are not sad ones, they are natural, and I cry without pain.

Today after the 2 board meetings, I got to Facetime with my eldest granddaughter in England for almost an hour. I am so thankful for my family over the pond. I miss them, but it was so good to see her smiling face, and I told her that grandma is fine. She has started her new life.

The featured photo is of my lunch/dinner that I ate between 3 and 4 while doing Facetime with her. I added lots of extra seedless grapes, and strawberries to it.



  1. God bless you Susie. May he keep you in perfect peace. And carry you as you journey each day in this new season of your life. You are an inspiration to me in many ways from reading your posts. Thank you. ❤🙂Cheers

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  2. I’m so happy as the months pass that you are healing and everyone slowly heals in different times and ways. You are very inspiring and a very strong person. I’m so happy you can FaceTime with family!! YAY!!

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