My landline was disconnected today.

I kept the landline for Len’s benefit, because if I had to leave him, I would put his flip phone, and the landline next to him. He could contact me, and I him.

Unfortunately he would spend time on one of my android phones, and click on everything. The landline would ring constantly, with telemarketers, and scams. I am not exaggerating but like every few minutes.

It has slowed down now but I would say around 50 a day. Len’s voice was on the answer machine, and although they rarely leave messages it was making me happy/sad, and I realized that is wasn’t letting me be me. If you can understand it.

So with sadness in my heart, I canceled it after 33 years. The good thing will be that I won’t hear that constant ringing from the moment I got up, until it stopped at 9 p.m.

Tiny steps for the new me that has to keep my wonderful memories, and start on my journey on my own.



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