If you haven’t read any of my posts, this is the one that could change your life.

I went to my attorney this morning.

Everything is really going in the right direction. The way I have worked everything out, and Len’s daughter is happy with it, is that my daughter will get everything as she is a 24/7 caregiver to my granddaughter with disabilities, and then to my eldest granddaughter who would have to give up work to take care of her sister. Now I know that she will be provided for, and it will take the financial burden off my family, I have a smile on my face.

It’s good when you are widowed to have been able to work my finances so that I would have more than enough money coming in, never to have to worry.

Continually improving your status as the years go on, and investing is something every women should be able to do. I did the saving, and I invested in diversified ways to ensure this. What a future I have ahead of me.



  1. Hehe We Are Currently
    Having Car Wars i

    Wanna Keep my
    Perfectly Working
    2014 Civic EX Coupe

    my Wife Wants
    Another Color
    Blue of A Brand
    New 40 Thousand
    Dollar or So SUV
    Suburu i Remind
    Her How We Got
    Financially Independent
    By Age 47 For me And
    37 For Her



    Keep Doing
    The “American
    Dream” When
    You Already


    Enough It’s
    Easy For me
    Raised With
    Enough Love
    My Pay Starts
    And Ends With
    Within Of Give



    All Becomes Receive🌈
    Nothing For The


    To End…
    Just The Means…🌈🎼

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  2. Excellent . When my Father died my mother was completely adrift with regards to finances. I resolved that this would never happen to me and I set about learning all I could about the stock market and other financial markets. And I took book keeping and accounting seriously. I am sure you are very happy with having been able to provide for your daughter and grandchildren.

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  3. Well done. My grandfather was so pleased when I married a policeman – someone with a secure job. At the time I was amused , but he was a good provider and moral support and has left me secure able to help our family out.


  4. Well done to you, Susie… And yes, I am following in your footsteps. We, as women, really need to secure ourselves a good financial future, to be sure..


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