Only things like this can happen to me

I got up early as I wanted to go to church. I haven’t seen the people since pre-covid. I put on suitable clothing for church, and I left myself half an hour for a 15 minute drive.

I had my handbag, keys, Facemask, and then turned the dead bolt lock, and tried to open the door to the apartment. It would not open. I turned the bottom lock, know full well that it hadn’t been touched. I continue for around 10 minutes, and started to worry, so called down to the front desk. I told Maggie that normally it wouldn’t be a top priority, but I needed to be in church, and was locked in the apartment.

She came up with keys, and the top lock didn’t budge. Then she came back with another master set, and found the one for this floor. She couldn’t get it to work. I heard her on the walkie talkie, telling our maintenance guy to come immediately. Just as he was arriving + a lady from housekeeping, it finally clicked.

I said to all of them I can’t stop, do what you want with the door, and make sure it’s locked. I got into my car 10 minutes before the service started.

Thankfully when I arrived they were playing the music that starts the service. It took me a few minutes to calm down. Half of the pews were taped off. People sat at either end of each pew, and I had the back one all to myself.

We only had bread at Communion, and that was in individual bags. We just had the blessing, and not the wine. There was no singing of hymns. The exchange of peace was a wave of the hand.

Upon leaving a lady said Welcome to the church. I said you don’t recognize me without my husband Len, the tall English guy, and then all the ladies came over, and were so pleased to see me. My hair was always up as it was so long, now it is shorter, and looks more blonde because they don’t see the underside that doesn’t get the sun to it.



  1. This church is in the next county, so can only visit when I am at our timeshare. Len was too sick when they started back in the hall. Now the church has reopened so whenever I stay I will be a regular church goer


  2. I always figure I am on time if I get there before my preacher starts the sermon. LOL Seriously, I much prefer being on time and hate to be late, but, I do give myself a little slack on Sunday morning if I miss the announcements. Glad they were able to get you out of your apartment and that you made it to church on time.

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  3. The other maintanence guy came up to my apartment while on the beach. I will go down to the front desk, and check before using it. I am on the board of directors here, and could have moved apartments, but that’s too much hassle for a minor problem.

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