Cody’s Sunday dinner special.

The last time I went to Codys, I wasn’t ready, and it really upset me going there without Len. This time I went after church, which was an added bonus for me, again a first since Covid.

My server was Holly, and she was the best. She told me the specials, and I wanted all of them, but decided on the beer battered fish and chips (fries) as I haven’t had that in forever.

She bought me my water, a big bowl of salad, and 2 yeast rolls. I was still eating my first plate of salad, when my dinner arrived. I had malt vinegar, otherwise I don’t eat fish and chips, and ate the fish, and a couple of chips, while finishing my salad.

Holly came back, and asked what dessert I wanted. I always have the cheesecake, with either raspberry or caramel drizzle. She told me her favorite was chocolate, and raspberry drizzle, and I said that sounds amazing. She boxed up the 2 rolls that she had brought out during my meal, and the dessert. She also brought a box for the rest of the salad.

I went to the bathroom, and then came back to my booth. The empty plates, and the bowl with quite a lot of salad had been removed. When Holly came back I told her, so she made up a salad for me, with dressing on the side.

I forgot to tell you, when I arrived I asked her if she could put the Premier League Football on the television directly in front of me. Other times they have taken awhile to do it, or to get a Manager. She got the remote and found it in seconds.

I had a gift card that I had bought around Christmas time, to get a bonus, and she told me that the tip can’t go on, unless she knows how much before doing the transaction. My meal was around $12 including tax, and as I had taken up a 6 top, and she was amazing, I gave her a $5 tip.

Upon leaving I asked to speak to Anthony the Manager, and I told him what a gem Holly had been, and I hope that they realize what an assest they have.



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