Gas pricing rising due to Hurricane Ida.

I belong to 3 gas discounted programs, and get better prices, and often free coffee at 7/11. So yesterday I wanted to fill at a nearby 7/11. It is a small one located on Gulf Boulevard, and Blind Pass. There is one station with a pump either side.

It had caution tape around it. I went in and got a free coffee with my rewards, and asked about the pump. 3 a.m. a sports car went out of control on that bend, hit it, and caught fire.

So I drove back to a Shell station. I had never been to one of those, but putting my cellphone number in I got 5 cents a gallon off. It all adds up when the prices start soaring. Here is my referral code if you want to save on gas.

7/11 is 11 cents a gallon off your first 7 visits. My referral code is qinagb After that you get 3 cents off, and they have had a free medium coffee for the month of August as well as the discount.

My 3rd one is GetUpside app, and your first fill will be 15 cents a gallon off your first fill. They give you a list of all participating gas stations to choose from, and then discounted prices after that. My referral code is FRAYK.

The great thing is that I belong to all 3, and use which one gives me the best deal. If you join and use any of these once, you get a referral code, and can make money on your friends joining, and filling their tanks.



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