Had to walk the beach no matter what!

Today, September 1st we got more than half of the rain, for the entire month. It eased off a little around 6.15 p.m. so on went my raincoat, and off down the beach. The photos I have as the featured photo, and the other 3 are of the empty beach. If you want to see what I wore, and how bad it was, then check out my 30 second YouTube video.

This doesn’t even look like me. Make note not to take photos with raincoat hood up.

I did get a good workout this afternoon at the local gym. The Voyager Beach Club has a gym membership for anyone staying on the Voyager property.

I had started with 1 lb. weights when the Sports Orthopedic Specialist gave me them to do. Recently it’s been the 2 lb., so today it went up to 3 lbs. My shoulder has more range now, so really positive that this is going to work.

Feet up time, and watch ‘Good morning Britain’, and ‘Coronation Street’ tonight. Then I will continue with other English programs on Britbox. The best streaming app for this lady who will never loose her roots.



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