1. The one to watch for is when they pretend to be a bank and phone and ask you to confirm number two and four of your pin and then say sorry there was a problem with that let’s try number one and three, a very crafty way of getting your four number pin! You can’t trust anyone nowadays, I have had the bank phone me and I ring off and I call them back just to be on the safe side because the criminals can now make the correct number of the bank show up on your phone even though they are obviously phoning from another number. I do online banking and to log in I have to put my name, my 8 digit id number, then my 5 digit pass number , then I am asked to select 2 letters from my 6 digit password and if I haven’t been logging on in for a while they ask for a further, the last 5 numbers from my debit card and the 3 digit pin on the back of the card. It’s lucky I have a reasonable memory, Lord knows how you get on with this if you start to get Dementia!

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  2. It never ceases to amaze me. We still have a landline, Susie, and the amount of scam callers is horrific. I let all calls go to the message bank these days. Saves me heaps of time!

    As an aside – I’d like to let the landline go, but Keith wants to hang on to it for a while longer… !!!

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